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Meaningful Software Solutions

Because there's lot out there - we help find the simple solutions. 

Iposi Net was founded in 2004 in response to a rising demand from big business for meaningful software solutions. Since then, we’ve adapted with the changing technological landscape. Our ethos has however remained the same: to provide simple, and meaningful, software solutions. 

Iposi Net is a proud Level 1 BEE business with 135% procurement recognition in 2022.

Our Services

Our Servuces

'You can only manage what you can measure.'


Sole distributors of the leading cost management and recovery solution.

Document Management 

A digital stress-free document filing system with security and structure. With a full audit history on documents, your information will always be safe.

Email Security & Archiving

Business runs on email. 

The power of a robust and affordable email security solution cannot be overstated. 

Email Impersonation

We manage your email environment to ensure that you are always at the highest level of DMARC compliance, minimising risk and keeping your business safe from email impersonation and reputational damage.


We use cutting-edge technology, Sendmarc, to detect and prevent impersonation attempts, safeguarding your email communication and preventing financial losses, reputational damage, and legal issues. Learn your score here


With our integrated solution we assist accounting teams to achieve fully automated financial document flows directly between ERP systems. Issue, transmit, receive and process all your invoices electronically.

Information Dashboard

Our customised dashboards link to your back
office system and display all important
information without the fuss of reports.

Sales Quoting and CRM

Quoting: Quick & Accurate
Products & Pricing: Instant access to latest
product and pricing for simplified drag and
drop quoting.

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