Meaningful Software Solutions

Because there's lot out there - we help find the simple solutions. 

Iposi Net was founded in 2004 in response to a rising demand from big business for meaningful software solutions. Since then, we’ve adapted with the changing technological landscape. Our ethos has however remained the same: to provide simple, and meaningful, software solutions. 

Iposi Net is a proud Level 1 BEE business with 135% procurement recognition in 2022.

Our Services


'You can only manage what you can measure.'


Sole distributors of the leading cost management and recovery solution.

Document Management 

A digital stress-free document filing system with security and structure. With a full audit history on documents, your information will always be safe.

Email Security & Archiving

Business runs on email. 

The power of a robust and affordable email security solution cannot be overstated. 

Robotic Process Automation

Automate processes and tasks with cutting-edge technology. Utilizing AI and RPA (Robotic 

Process Automation) - business will never be the same again.

Mobile Call Capturing

Record, capture and bill for all professional mobile calls. This easy-to-use app fully automates all back-end accounting and capturing.